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Logistics: It is all about loading, unloading, storing and storing the goods and also connecting them to the client from their place of arrival to the client's place. Logistics is also the transport of goods from one place to another by land, sea or air.

We assist you in developing your business through specialized logistics guidelines

It is difficult to carry out any international trade, whether import or export or the process of transporting goods and resources without professional logistic support. Al-Rashed Logistics Services helps you manage your logistics. We have experts in this field. We offer you a comprehensive range of services to facilitate shipping Through sea freight, air freight or land freight, as well as comprehensive export and import services

Our transportation services include maritime services such as ship and cargo services and the exchange of international customs data if you carry the shipment by sea or by land.

In terms of logistics, we also have a wide range of auditing, certification and training services to help you manage your business better. Al-Rushd has the experience, know-how and international outreach to offer advice and guidance.


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