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Al- Roshd Company Since it was founded, it has all the elements that made it one of the pioneers of shipping and customs clearance companies in Egypt and the Arab world and is one of the largest companies in the international level in the field of import and export

Al-Roshd Logistics Cargo Services has the honor to clarify the most important of its activities:


* Air freight: issued from Egypt and to all ports*

* Shipping: Issued from Egypt and to all ports

* International shipping: to and from Arab countries and door to door service, inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt


*Al- Roshd Company also provides customs clearance services for all land, sea and air ports


*Al- Roshd Company also offers the best quotation and customer service to follow up the shipment shipped from the time the shipment reaches the company's warehouses until it reaches the customer.


*The company also put the company's special stickers on the goods to keep them on shipping and ensure their arrival to the customer


*The company also provides all shipping procedures to facilitate the customers and we have the expertise is fully prepared to take responsibility for our customers


*The company also provides door to door service (DOOR TO DOOR) to all ports of the world


*The company provides all types of containers 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet dry flat containers and refrigerator. The company has the customs agents to clear cargo procedures in the ports of Egypt


*Al- Roshd also provides the insurance service on the shipment before any losses incurred by the way we are contracted with the largest insurance companies in Egypt


*The company also provides customs clearance service inside and outside Egypt for companies and individuals


*We are distinguished in all fields of customs clearance in Egypt from Wardak and Ward, final reservation under reservation - issued - transit to all companies Transportation from customs to the site


*Al- Roshd Company is one of the best prices of international shipping companies in Egypt

-Best land freight rates from Egypt to all over the world-

-Best air freight rates on all international airlines

-Best international shipping rates from door to door


*Al- Roshd Company also offers the best import and export services for the benefit of others in Egypt

We export and import the company's export and import card for our customers

Importation: It is from all over the world and all the necessary local market for the account of the company or for the account of others


Export: Our company has expertise in exporting to all over the world


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