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Some important tips before working in the field of import and export


Keep in mind before starting "legal cleavage""     


* In order to work in this field you must create a real company with full licenses to qualify for this activity. The best category to inquire about is the legal accountants who can also set up the company on your behalf with fees agreed upon. The advantage of this is saving time and effort because they know the steps and procedures clearly So they do it faster, and the cost of establishing a company full of licenses in most Arab countries costs three thousand dollars or more or less depending on the state.

Preferably use the examination services provided by international companies:

For example, if you buy food, medicine or electronic equipment, a company such as SGS can be used to check the quality of the product and to meet your country's specifications because each country imposes certain specifications on the goods.

Ship your goods in a container in the following cases:

If the quantity of the item exceeds the size of half a container of twenty or forty feet, choose to ship in a full container, which will save you more than if you ship with another commodity in a container in terms of shipping and unloading costs in the port of access and storage as well.

Contract with an agent in your country:

This agent works with another shipping agent in the country you wish to import from, so it is safe to deal with a freight forwarder in the country of origin, and in case of any emergency you can reach it without bothering.

Terms of international contracting in the field of import and export other documents from the company

In each field there are familiar terms used by the pioneers of this field, as well as in the field of international trade there are commercial terms called 'Incoterms'

International commercial terms. "These terms are used in contracting between the seller and the buyer. These terms are in about fifteen terms. However, there are four terms that are most frequently used:

Ex work: This term means that the seller delivers the buyer his goods in the factory.

 : "FOB" means that the seller delivers the goods on board the ship in the port of loading and this contract does not include the cost of shipping.

"C & F" Cost And Freight means that the seller delivers the goods at the port of arrival, ie the buyer has paid the shipping costs until the goods arrive at the port of discharge.

: "CIF" Cost Freight And Insurance means the delivery of goods at the port of arrival insured, ie you have paid the cost of shipping, including insurance.

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