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( It is considered one of the best import and export companies in Egypt  )


Export: Al-Roshd Company is proud to offer its services and expertise in the field of exporting vegetables and fruits to all countries of the world and the Gulf. Our company is ready to export and import all Egyptian products for third parties in the world. Package, certificates of origin and Euroan certificates are found from your warehouse to the outside port or from the warehouse to the store all over the world

 Import: Import from all over the world and all necessary local market for the account of the company or others

 And import for the account of others for a commission agreed upon and delivery after customs clearance at the site Determined by the customer

Here are some general information that you are interested inExport documents



2-Package detection

3-Certificate of Origin

4-Shipping authorization

5-Shipping policy

6-Insurance certificate

7-L / C Letter of Credit (Form 13))


Terms of import :*


1)Determine the product and the goods to be imported from abroad and determine the required standard specifications


2)Issuing the required documents to complete the import process, namely the commercial register, the debit card, the import card. If these documents are not available, we can provide them for a commission for the import method in the name of our company


3 – 3)Bring all the required certificates with the shipment received such as the certificate of origin, statement of the package, the purchase invoice and all those papers shall be documented by the Egyptian embassies in the country of origin


Import Steps*


After agreeing on the shipment and fixing the price, several steps must be taken to ensure that the shipment reaches the customer easily and safely


1) Payment method in various ways (Documentary credits, bank transfers, payment through shipping offices


2) Issuing all required certificates from the exporting country according to the rules and international conventions specified by the regulations and laws in force in Egypt

   (Invoice, package statement, certificate of origin, quality certificate)


3) Submit all required documents and documents to the customs clearance office for submission to the Customs Authority to complete the customs procedures to determine the value and fees required


 Features offered by Al - Roshd Company-

- Speed in facilitating procedures

- An integrated team with high experience

- Provide the best prices


- Timeliness

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